With the Saniopen door system
we are going new ways.
Easy, simple and innovative.

Are you ready?

What is Saniopen?

With the new Saniopen door opening and closing system, it is possible to operate the door with your foot. Touching the door handle by hand can be avoided and transmission of bacteria and viruses through the contact surface of the handle can be avoided. Saniopen can be used directly and easily on any commercially available door.

Which added value does Saniopen provide?

  • Easy and hygienic opening and closing of the door with your foot
  • Quick and simple installation on almost every door possible
  • If necessary, the door handle can still be operated by hand
  • More hygiene and protection for visitors, employees and customers
  • Saniopen as an advanced response to current challenges

How did Saniopen come about?

Because of the spreading of COVID-19 social standards regarding hygiene behavior are put to the test in many areas. The process of rethinking is in full swing and the responsibility of each individual is questioned. By physical distancing and thorough hand washing, everyone can effectively help control contact infections.

But what is the situation in areas where the individual's area of responsibility reaches its limits? New challenges also require the questioning of circumstances that were previously considered "normal". So does it then make sense to open doors in public spaces by hand if infections over contact areas can still be contracted?

Saniopen offers a solution to this hygienic weak point. We want to start where the sphere of influence of the individual ends and new entrepreneurial responsibility is required. For employees, customers, patients or visitors of any facility with high frequency of useSaniopen creates great added value in terms of hygiene and health maintenance.

Who needs Saniopen?

Saniopen is the solution for anyone who wants to avoid transmission of contact infections via the door handle and offer visitors, employees or customers a higher level of protection. Saniopen is a supplementary option for door operation and the manual function is fully retained.

Saniopen is particularly interesting for doors in rooms that are used by frequently changing people, such as the gastronomy, medical practices, office and business premises, petrol stations, schools and public spaces in general.

What is inspiring us at Saniopen?

With Saniopen, we want to contribute to reducing contact infections. Fast, uncomplicated and innovative.

If we succeed in setting new standards in areas of public life, we will also be better positioned in times of the usual flu and new pathogens.

Exciting? We think so too. Makes sense? More than ever!

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