Saniopen Fix

Component 1 | The footpedal

The foot pedal is at the heart of the Saniopen system. Its main elements consist of a connecting unit to the door and a movable pedal with a bracket. All components are made of high-quality, rust-free stainless steel and guarantee a long service life with a consistently high-quality look.

The pedal is pushed up by a specially developed spring. If the pedal is now depressed with the foot, the connecting element pulls the door handle down via the latch clamp and the door is unlocked.
If the pedal is now depressed with the foot, the connecting element pulls the door handle down via the latch clamp and the door is unlocked.
The toothed, front pedal bend and the counterpressure of the spring make it easy to pull or push the door. This ensures safe opening and closing with any type of shoe, even in unfavorable conditions such as wet or slippery shoe soles. Below the pedal there is a protective roller which prevents the door from lowering too much and protects the floor covering.

Saniopen Fix consists of two separate foot pedals, each mounted on one side of the door.
The contact surface of the pedal is provided with a special adhesive pad to create a permanent bond with the door leaf.

This particularly resistant adhesive connection was developed in cooperation with a Munich adhesive laboratory, the company Toconus Bonding expertise, developed for all standard door surfaces and tested in extensive laboratory tests under continuous load and temperature exposure*.
The high-performance adhesive used is resistant to temperature, UV and weathering and has already proven itself in body construction in the automotive industry.

The system can be permanently attached to all door types and thicknesses - both indoors on e.g. 6 mm thin glass doors or lacquered room doors as well as outdoors such as steel, plastic or aluminum profile doors.
Saniopen Fix is contrary to Saniopen Flex also suitable for doors that do not offer enough clearance from the underside of the door to the floor and that cannot be increased by washers on the door anchor, e.g. with automatic door floor seals or external doors.

The pedals are mounted exclusively via the adhesive connection - without additional drilling and screwing. If the pedal is pressed firmly against the door by hand during assembly, it can be loaded within 24 hours. The gluing time can be significantly reduced if the pressure of the pedal on the door is increased by a clamp or screw clamp. In this case, the pedal can be loaded after one hour.

*in pressure shear tests, forces of over 2,350 N (corresponds to a weight load of 240 kg) were achieved.

Requirement for Saniopen Fix

  • the surfaces to be bonded to the door must be strong and solid, i.e. NO bonding on rusty or oxidizing surfaces or on flaking paint
  • untreated or oiled wood surfaces are not suitable for the gluing process (however, gluing is possible without problems with varnished or other coated wood) (Most room doors have a wooden or MDF core below, where this is easily possible)
  • for doors that allow screwing from below (most room doors have a wood or MDF core below, where this is easily possible)

Properties of Saniopen Fix

  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • for permanent assembly
  • can be mounted on all plastic, stainless steel and glass doors as well as painted, painted and powder-coated steel, aluminum, wood or HPL coated doors
  • suitable for all door thicknesses
  • suitable for automatic door bottom seal
  • can be used within 1 or 24 hours, depending on the type of installation
  • use on doors that hit a heel or edge on the floor
  • regardless of the available space to the floor

The foot pedal can be adjusted with the connector Saniopen Steel, or with the connector Saniopen Belt . With Saniopen Fix two connecting elements (for both sides of the door) and two suitable jack clamps are always included.