Saniopen Flex

Component 1 | The footpedal

The foot pedal is at the heart of the Saniopen system. Its main elements consist of a connecting unit to the door and a movable pedal with a bracket. All components are made of high-quality, rust-free stainless steel and guarantee a long service life with a consistently high-quality look.

The pedal is pushed up by a specially developed spring. If the pedal is now depressed with the foot, the connecting element pulls the door handle down via the latch clamp and the door is unlocked.
If the pedal is now depressed with the foot, the connecting element pulls the door handle down via the latch clamp and the door is unlocked.
The toothed, front pedal bend and the counterpressure of the spring make it easy to pull or push the door. This ensures safe opening and closing with any type of shoe, even in unfavorable conditions such as wet or slippery shoe soles. Below the pedal there is a protective roller which prevents the door from lowering too much and protects the floor covering.

The U-shaped foot pedal Saniopen Flex is pushed under the door and clamped with a pendulum screw. This flexible and at the same time stable unit is quickly assembled and can be used immediately. In addition, the foot pedal is screwed to the door from below with two screws in the area that is not visible. Special cellular rubber on the pendulum screw and the inside of the Saniopen Flex protects the door and additionally increases the static friction between the door and the pedal. The flexible clamping device enables dismantling at any time quickly and without a trace.

Saniopen Flex s very suitable for all doors in the interior, e.g. Office doors, toilet doors, doors in administrations and medical practices. Since these are usually door thicknesses between 38 and 40 mm Saniopen Flex ideally suited, as it can cover door thicknesses between 26 and 41 mm.
If the door does not have sufficient clearance to the floor, your Saniopen system includes, in addition to the installation tool, spacers that you can insert into the door anchorage to raise the door. The installation is easy and can be carried out within 30 minutes, depending on your craftsmanship.

Requirement for Saniopen Flex

  • for doors with a thickness of 26 - 41 mm
  • for doors, that allow an installation from below
  • for doors that allow screwing from below (most room doors have a wood or MDF core below, where this is easily possible)
  • the door must have sufficient clearance to the floor or this must be adjusted using washers on the door anchor (spacers are included in the delivery)
  • the door must not hit an edge, as the foot pedal requires space on both sides

Properties of Saniopen Flex

  • can be dismantled without visible traces
  • for temporary and permanent assembly
  • can be used immediately after assembly
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The foot pedal can be adjusted with the connector Saniopen Steel, or with the connector Saniopen Belt . With Saniopen Flex two connecting elements (for both sides of the door) and two suitable jack clamps are always included.