Saniopen Steel

Component 2 | The connector

The connector Saniopen Steel we combine a high standard of design with unconditional functionality.
Saniopen Steel is made of high quality stainless steel and impresses with a timeless look that fits every door.

Saniopen Steel ist das verbindende STEEL-Element zwischen dem Fußpedal und der Klinkenklemme, das optimal in jedes Architekturbüro oder Kanzlei, Behörde oder Büroeinrichtung passt.

All components are made of solid, rust-free stainless steel, which enables them to be used in particularly high-traffic locations such as schools, public buildings, rest areas or restaurants.

Saniopen Steel is made up of the elements of eyebolt, rod and lower rod holder. The components are connected to one another via left and right-hand threads in such a way that a length adjustment of 58 mm is possible by turning the rod. This ensures a safe and easy adaptation to the respective door. The adjustment is designed so that the threads inside the rod disappear and do not come into view even with maximum adjustment. In addition to the consistent appearance, this has the additional hygiene advantage of the smooth surface, which can be cleaned easily and without residue.