Jack clamp

The connection to the door handle is made via a latch clamp. The jack clamp is available in two versions, one for holding the Saniopen Steel and one for the connection element Saniopen Belt. Both variants are adapted to the respective design of the connecting element and made of high quality, rustproof stainless steel.

The jack clamp consists of a clamp, the intermediate piece, a bolt or a set screw, and 4 countersunk screws. In order to protect the handle and to increase the static friction between the handle and door handle, this is covered with a self-adhesive cellular rubber. The clamp is pulled together via the screws and tightens the door handle permanently and securely without damaging it.

The receiving bearing for the connection elements Saniopen Steel and Saniopen Belt is located in the intermediate piece, which is mounted on the open end of the clamp.

The door handle shape

The round door handle is currently the most common form of lever handle. That is why we have adapted the jack clamp to this round shape. We currently offer the following three standard sizes with 19 mm, 20 mm and 21 mm. To find the right jack clamp size for you, the jack diameter must be determined.

Determine the pawl diameter

Option 1:
Ideally, you should determine the pawl diameter with a caliper to determine the most precise result. Since the jack is not evenly round at all points, we recommend measuring the round profile in height and width and forming the mean value from it (H x W: 2 = mean value).

Option 2:
Use a tape measure to determine the circumference of the jack. Divide the determined dimension by π (3.14). If you don't have a tape measure at hand, just help yourself with a string or string. Wrap the doorknob and then measure the length of the wrapped cord. Finally, divide by π again and get the diameter of your door handle.

Assign the pawl diameter to the size

The determined pawl diameter 18.51 to 19.50 mm corresponds to the pawl clamp size 19 mm.
The determined pawl diameter 19.51 to 20.50 mm corresponds to a pawl terminal size of 20 mm.
The pawl diameter determined from 20.51 to 21.50 mm corresponds to a pawl terminal size of 21 mm.

So please pay attention to the diameter of your jack clamp before ordering!

Don't have a round doorknob?

No problem! Of course we also offer you a solution for other types of handles.

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