Wer wir sind?

Toolmaker, unconventional thinkers,
Future developer!

We are a Toolmaking company based in Finnentrop in the Sauerland region. Our core business is the production of individual tools for well-known customers from the automotive and construction industries.

When the corona-virus came up, we faced a new challenge. Trough the new hygiene measures well-known problems, such as touching handles on toilet doors in Shops, petrol stations, doctor's offices or restaurants came into focus.

Many people know the unpleasant feeling of having to handle heavily used door handles with clean, washed hands. Especially in the restaurant, when you want to devote yourself to a good meal in anticipation ...
It is not uncommon to be creative at door operating in public spaces trying it with your elbow, pull your sleeve over your hand or inevitably overcome yourself and grasp the handle.

Everyone probably knows this uncomfortable feeling. This problem is currently experiencing a new dimension and suddenly occurs wherever many people use the door handle, such as in offices, medical practices, schools and administrations. And since we are no longer just talking about an uncomfortable feeling, the idea for Saniopen came up - to open the door with your foot.

We have the best conditions for this project:
1. The know-how (through many years of experience in product development)
2. The technical possibilities (in-house production)
3. A committed team with innovative ideas and inventive talent

The aim was to find a simple, cost-saving and durable solution that could be quickly attached to any standard door, withstand everyday burdens should ideally still look good. Uff! At first, that seemed difficult to implement - and yet that's exactly what defines our attitude here at Wetec: And what if it's possible?

So our engineering team got to work, designed and developed the "Saniopen" solution taking into account the following requirements:

  • Functionality and longevity
  • Direct and mobile usability
  • Ensure installation on almost every door
  • Cost optimized
  • Variation options for different needs
  • Design variations

Here we were not only faced with new challenges once, but we were able to solve them through good teamwork and many years of experience in design and production.

"We are very happy
about this great product result!"

As the first solution is not good enough for us at Wetec, we checked our prototypes again and again during the construction phase and gathered many opinions in order to continuously improve Saniopen.
Today we are pleased to introduce companies and institutions with the Saniopen system an optimized product to be able to offer, with which they can protect their employees, visitors and customers from infectious diseases via the contact surface "jack".
Simple, safe and innovative!

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